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Are you ready to take the next step with your brand?

October 11, 2009

There are so many things to juggle when starting a new business—renting an office space, hiring employees, building a client base, meetings with accountants, lawyers, etc. Financially, that can be a big leap in itself. When it comes time to get business cards and a stationery system together, there is usually little time or budget for this and many times that task will get done by the local quick-printer or online service. This works to get the ball rolling, but as time goes by and the business evolves, the identity that served you well becomes either outdated, outgrown or both.

Hiring a designer or design firm to take the next step can be confusing, yet this can be an opportunity to really define who you are and separate your business from the competition. One of the biggest mistakes I see is that companies tend not to give the proper amount of attention to evaluating, executing and maintaining their brand image. They forget that as they grow and evolve, their image needs to grow and evolve, as well.

A good designer can identify the problem areas—many companies marketing materials are hodge-podge of items with different iterations of logos, fonts and colors applied to their brochures, websites, mugs, pens, etc.—and take steps to correct them. The designer should develop a plan that will not only reposition the brand, but make sure all marketing materials have a cohesive look and feel. That way, all of your materials will look like they come from the same company and represent your image in a professional and consistent manner.

If you have questions about enhancing your brand identity, or any of your marketing materials—feel free to contact Jason at Scheideman Design or call 818.342.4309.

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