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Case Study: Juris Productions

September 7, 2009


Juris Productions contacted me to discuss a redesign of their brand identity. They were at a point in their business where they had outgrown their original identity (designed by a friend) and were looking to take the next step.

  Old logo

Old logo

Our first meeting was at their office, where I interviewed them about their particular business (the first step in building a new brand is taking the time to gain a good understanding of the business and assess what is necessary to improve it from a marketing standpoint). One thing that stood out was that their identity did not capture what they do or their business’s personality. They were casual, yet professional—and their office space was in an old warehouse with nice furnishings. Their logo and marketing materials didn’t mesh with the perception I got from meeting them in person. That became the launching point for our exploration.

Juris Productions produces documentary-style day-in-the-life videos for attorneys, a useful tool in helping settle or decide court cases. In describing what they do, they explained that ‘tell the story’ of each incident in simple and easy to understand terms. This description proved to be very useful information, as it lead to an “aha!” moment for this designer… a great tagline. Now, the team at Juris Productions would be able to describe themselves as “expert storytellers.” This phrase now appears on all of their markeing materials—and is now a registered trademark.

With that, we went about the process of developing a logo that visually alluded to what they do, developed a color palette and hired a photographer to shoot a small library of images that would all become part of a visual “masala” to help promote their brand. This new look and feel was applied across a stationery system, video box sleeves, print advertising, brochures, signage and their trade show booth.

Now, Juris Productions has a brand identity that communicates what they do in a concise and cohesive manner—and helps them stand out from their competition.

If you have questions about the project for Juris Productions, or any other questions about the design process—feel free to contact Jason at Scheideman Design or call 818.342.4309.

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